P346 Stem - Black 1 1/8

Aluminium stem.


52x65x45 mm bxlxh; Handle Bar Clamp 25.4mm

Price: $100.00

P346 Stem - Polished 1 1/8

Aluminium stem. Polished.

52x65x45 mm bxlxh;

 Handle Bar Clamp 25.4mm

Price: $105.00

Ruff Stem 1 1/8 - Black

The perfect Ruff connection between fork and handlebar. Built from a solid piece of 6 Series Alloy and coloured in peened-anodized black it has our skully engraved at the front to look out for you. The materials structure is aligned for an maximum strength and undoubtly a benchmark in stiffness with a low weight of 180g.

Custom built for Ruff Cycles it holds handlebars with a diameter of 25,4 mm.
With a true angle of 0 there is no rise of the handle bars.

The face plate comes with a 4 bolt face plate and supports 1 1/8" head tubes.

Price: $100.00

Ruff Top Cap 1 1/8 - Black

Give your Stem a happy ending with a Ruff Cycles Top Cap. Not only does it have our Skully on it, no it also has the lettering "GERMAN CUSTOM CYCLES" on it. Ain't that great. Made for 1 1/8" Ahead Head Sets - just like we have one in stock.
Price: $12.00